Minishift Setup

Minishift Install

Read the following guide on how to install Minishift on your system:

Installing Minishift

Minishift Start

Run the following command to start Minishift on your system. Please ensure you are installing OpenShift version v3.11.0 (Kubernetes 1.11). If you are not using VirtualBox, please provide the vm-driver of your choice (i.e. xhyve, vmwarefusion, hyperkit).

 minishift start --openshift-version v3.11.0 --vm-driver=virtualbox

Confirm Minishift is Properly Started

After Minishift has started, set your $PATH to the location of the oc binary.

eval $(minishift oc-env)

Confirm you are on oc v3.11.0 or greater.

oc version

You should now have the ability to use the oc command.

oc get pods

Output the current user context.

oc whoami

Switch to the system:admin user.

oc login -u system:admin

Verify you can see all pods in all namespaces.

oc get pods --all-namespaces

Verify you are currently scoped to myproject.

oc project myproject

Create a new Service Account called useroot.

oc create serviceaccount useroot

Add the anyuid Security Context Constraint to the useroot Service Account.

oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z useroot